Queen of my heart ❤

They tell me I am like my mom, but I always disagree.

My mom is far too beautiful, she has the biggest heart and the warmest smile. Beautiful light skinned meri nambis.

Beautiful fingers that grow the most beautiful flowers and orchids that last.

Hands that bake the sweetest cakes, the tastiest donuts, mouthwatering roasts, mouthwatering stews and countless more.

Talented hands that sew the finest garments. Legs that walk tirelessly, and the womb that held me and brought me into this world.

She always has patience to tolerate my odd tantrums, my cheeky moments and my stubbornness.

She has the warmth that I need when I am sick, when I am hurt and in pain, when I am hungry or when I am sad.

How could I ever equal to her??

I have a long way to go to learn from her as I cannot fit into her glass slippers, and could not forcefully wear her crown.

She will forever be the queen of my heart.

By Late Marcella Bihoro (Founder)

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  1. Kodah says:

    Beautiful piece

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hazel Kutkue says:

    Firstly that was an awesome piece. Secondly, Marcella was my patient. And she passed on one sad night a few weeks back.
    She died, so young and beautiful
    . It is tragic and beautiful how someone so young and beautiful passes on.


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