A different perspective of sharing

Have you not realized that the person you SHARE a room, a meal, car rides, bed, or memories with is the one you feel attached to in some weird way?

This piece is my personal opinion. To express my thought freely.

Whether it’s my sweater, food, or something more personal than that, the moment I decide to share, it becomes more than just a gesture of giving. Bear in mind ‘giving’ and ‘sharing’ are two very different things – in both spelling and definition.

No, I don’t mean social media sharing – but maybe it counts too.

When I share something with my friends, family, or anyone, it feels like giving a part of me to them, emotionally. My care, my attention, my love, a part of me – even if it is just sharing a packet of potato chips.

The moment I place the packet of chips on the table for the both of us (or everyone) to pick from, I feel like I have offered a part of my emotion to them. I feel an intense sense of care and attachment, which lasts for the time we are sharing.

I travelled with my Dad along the highlands highway of Papua New Guinea from as young as a boy until today. It is how we bonded. Nowadays when I hear the two words, ‘road trip’ my dad rushes into my mind, and some part of me is sparked.

More often if I share anything with someone over and over, I never easily forget them in life.

For this reason, the most precious gifts, the most expensive, or the most valuable items of mine is given to one of those people I hold so dear to my heart. I give away my emotion, and I can feel it when I do.

There is but someone whom we all give away our most precious items to. If you don’t have one yet, just wait.

Maybe they are still coming along. It could be anyone, of any age, any gender. It just depends on how much and how often you share with them, because by sharing you instilled yourself in them.

Yes, we say it is out of goodwill and politeness. Well, is it?

When you are that someone who is open to everyone and really loves to share, people say you have a “big heart”. Yes, big enough to give parts of it away to everyone. Which is good. I for one would really love to meet you. I would also very much hate the people who take advantage of this good trait you have. They take it for granted, after you have offered a part of yourself, emotionally, to them.

Mothers tend to never stop sharing with their children.

A mother’s love can never be measured or perceived by the human mind. That is also why a mother will give everything they ever possess to their children, because the child has slowly claimed every emotion that the mother has in her soul.

Upon this thought, I have decided to share with people who will share with others, so the piece of me that I pass on will be passed further on – hopefully to someone who has a ‘big heart’ too. This way the good I put into the earth will live onx blessing others as well.

Again, this is just me. You might have your own perspective. Feel free to share yours.

Thank you for reading this far. I really appreciate that. The aim of this random blog is to teach you the importance of putting your ‘useless thoughts” on paper with a pen.

They are not useless thoughts.

Write them down, just write. Express yourself. Don’t care about grammar and punctuation.

The more you write the more you will want to read, and the more you read the more you will learn about writing. Trust me. I am trying this out too.

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