The Analogy of the morning glory and the orchid


My mom had a greenhouse in our driveway . She watered the orchids in the greenhouse everyday and tended them with so much care.

They were so attractive and beautiful that everyone always looked into our yard when walking by our house just to catch a glimpse of her orchids. We also had a patch of morning glory blooming outside the fence that was also very attractive and beautiful.
One day my dad sat us down and told us an analogy.

He said to us;

Look at your mothers orchids, they are so beautiful and are very attractive. Her orchids always steals everyone’s attention.

People are always looking in to see these beautuful orchids. They can only see these orchids from afar but can never touch them because we have a fence that keeps them out. If mom had planted them outside, do you think they will be this beautiful?

These orchids are special just like you girls. You should be like these orchids. My rules and restrictions are like a fence that keeps you safe, just like how mom tends these orchids is our advice and teachings that help you grow into beautiful orchids.

Do not be like the morning glory, just growing outside the fence, anyone can touch it, break their petals and destroy it’s beauty. There is no fence protecting these morning glories.

By Late Marcella Siria Bihoro

Featured Image: Unsplash/Eddie Howell

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