Have we killed Humanity?


The most common mistake people make in this age is associating the word “Love” only with Romantic Relationships and couples.

This mistake truly diminishes the beauty of love. This mistake degrades Love. My heart melts when I see this. It destroys the power of love, and it destroys humanity. This mistake kills love, and when love is killed problems grow.

Love suppresses problems, grows character and holds the world together.

They say we should combat climate change. They say we should treat the environment with a responsible attitude. They say that we should care for the environment because earth is our only home. If only everyone Loved the environment it would be easier to get this simple message across. Love is so dead in the world that the simplest things are causing problems. We have to teach people how to love again.

“For God so LOVED the world that He sent His one and only son…” The popular John 3:16. Love is the root of Salvation. Love is biblical. God is Love. Out of Love you were saved by a greater being.

Love is far greater, more beautiful and extremely powerful than a couple. It is the center of gravity for humanity.

There is at least someone that you hold dear to you. There is a little child, your child, that you don’t want to see the world infect someday. There is something or someone you love – you truly Love. Everyone has someone or something that they love mercilessly, because if one did not love, one could not possibly be human.

When love is dead, problems grow, and beauty withers.

Love is patient.
Love is kind.
Love is boundless.
Love is limitless.
Love grows.

If you do something out of love or with love you will never fail.
People go to war for the love of peace. People kill to protect the people and the things they Love. That is the power of Love.

Love is the common denominator of all beautiful emotions and daily gestures. If one did not love, one would not care. If one did not love, one would not fight. If one did not love, one would not hold on. I have seen people do unimaginable things for the things and the people they love.

Love, like everything, can be good or bad but Love has greater good than bad. Love, when properly channeled, can change the world.
Love is greater than just couples and romantic relationships. Keep love in your soul.

If the love in your soul was dimmed by the darkness of this cruel world, spark it up once more and let it burn into other people’s hearts.

This makes you human.

Love is the greatest gift of all.


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  1. Simple Truth says:

    Love is the name of God, Love is the power of God, Love is God! God is Love! God’s ultimate love is…Jesus! (1John 4:8,9)

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